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Babacan announced his ‘green lines’

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DEVA Party General Leader Ali Babacan announced yet another action plan of his party in Bolu.

BOLU (IGFA) – DEVA Party General Leader Ali Babacan announced his party’s Environment and Climate Change Action Plan in Gürçam Village of Bolu.

Speaking with a T-shirt that reads “For mid-generational justice”, Babacan was accompanied by his wife Zeynep Babacan in the program he participated in.

The details of the action plan were shared by DEVA Party Natural Rights and Environmental Politics Leader Evrim Rızvanoğlu.

Babacan explained the action plan announced with the slogan “A Livable Turkey” by saying “We have green lines”. Babacan stated that they clearly showed the lines of the green lines in the Environment and Climate Change Action Plan, “Our action plan is the effort to gain a side for our country against the biggest global crisis of our time, namely the climate crisis. A life and planet defense for all of us. Nature rights. “We set out with an approach based on the issue of justice and the environment in the middle of generations. We know that we have to protect the rights of the next generations. We want to leave a livable Turkey and the world to the next inhabitants of this land,” he said.

Noting that they will work to make tap water drinkable in Turkey, Babacan said, “We see people’s access to clean water and clean air as a life problem. Under the DEVA Party government, we will work to make tap water drinkable throughout Turkey. We put this before us as a valuable goal, it is a valuable issue. In medium and large-scale production facilities, it is always necessary to measure the emission and discharge information in some way. We always need to monitor the pollutants these facilities release into the water, air and soil. We need to keep the measurements always and mandatory by providing control at the chimney and discharge points.”

Babacan, by encouraging separation at the source, Stating that they should remove the import of plastic wastes that may pose a risk to human health and nature in line with a calendar, he said that they will gradually remove single-use plastics from their lives. Babacan said, “In order to reduce the use of plastic water bottles, we will have drinking water fountains in areas where people are heavy in cities.”

On the other hand, referring to the time changes by the government saying ‘we will save energy’, Babacan said, “Children have to go to school in the dark in the morning. In the whole country, they turned the electricity on in the morning so that we wouldn’t turn it on at night. On top of that, electricity increases. El “They completed this issue with a series of ignorance. We will abolish this permanent summer time practice. We will not send our children to school in the dark,” he said.

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