Average debt reached 50 thousand

According to the new “Monthly Bulletin” published by the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) Risk Center, the number of individuals using personal loans as of the end of March 2023 increased by 133 thousand compared to February 2023 (monthly), and increased by 2 million 143 thousand compared to March 2022 (annually). 38 million 536 thousand people. The loan volume reached 1 trillion 875 billion liras with an increase of 8.6 percent monthly and 78.1 percent annually.

The average loan debt per person is 48 thousand 664 liras. This amount was 44 thousand 961 liras in February 2023 and 28 thousand 934 liras in March 2022. In this context, the increase in the average of credit cards and consumer loans draws attention.

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As of the end of March 2023, the number of people with credit card debt was 34 million 540 thousand people, the amount of which was 579.9 billion liras, while the average of debt increased from 7 thousand 314 liras in March 2022 and 14 thousand 854 liras in February 2023 to 16 thousand 790 liras. 15 million 147 thousand people using consumer loans have a debt of 708.8 billion liras. The loan average of these people, which was 29 thousand 256 liras in March 2022 and 43 thousand 696 liras in February 2023, increased to 46 thousand 791 liras.

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