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Attention to those who survived the coronavirus lightly: It is very common…

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In the Post-Covid-19 Monitoring Center, where long-term follow-up of individuals who survived the coronavirus, 2,500 patients were inspected. It was stated that complaints such as shortness of breath, muscle and joint pain, forgetfulness, weakness, and fatigue are still seen, especially in those who survived the coronavirus mildly by being treated in the residence instead of the hospital.

Dr. Melek Demircan stated that 145 of the 2,500 patients have completed the 2-year follow-up period and said, “If our patients are hospitalized after Covid, we invite them to our first inspections 1 month after the end of the quarantine, if they are not hospitalized 1 month after they are discharged. Then we continue our follow-ups at reasonable intervals. “We have conducted a total of 2,500 inspections of our patients so far. 145 of these patients have completed their fourth inspection,” he said.

Demircan said:

“After the first inspection of our patient, the follow-up intervals are gradually opening 1 month after the second inspection. We have 7 inspections in total. Our total follow-up period is 2 years, but within this period, we also have patients whom we call earlier in line with the need of our patient. Sometimes we call patients when they do not come to their appointments and we learn that they have Covid again. It happens. In the next follow-up, we take everything to the beginning and continue our follow-ups.”


Demircan said that they observed the most shortness of breath in those who survived the coronavirus mildly as treatment in their home and that according to the examinations performed in the Post-Covid-19 Monitoring Center, special treatment was applied to the patients.

“The most common complaints we encounter in our follow-ups with our patients are muscle and joint pain, forgetfulness, weakness, and tiredness after the end of the quarantine or a few weeks after the end of the disease, even if they have a mild disease or do not feel any complaints during the disease. These complaints are the patients’ complaints. It develops independently of age group or previous chronic diseases.It can occur in younger people, in those who are more dynamic, in those who engage in sports activities.It can also occur in people who do not have any chronic diseases.

One of the most common problems we encounter is shortness of breath. Even if our patients do not realize it during their daily activities, there is a shortness of breath that occurs when climbing stairs, going uphill, and making effort. During the inspections of our patients, we conducted our examinations for the possible effects of the coronavirus and refer them to the relevant units. After the treatments, we can see that our patients’ complaints have regressed, their standard of living has increased, and they live much more comfortably.”

Sweating and Chills FROM CORONAVIRUS

Cevahir Can Başar (52), who survived the corona virus in 2021 with his wife and 2 children, said that he had a cold problem even though it had been about 1 year since the disease. Noting that the inspections in the Monitoring Center are continuing, Başar said, “I, my wife and my children caught the coronavirus. My children survived the disease in the residence. We stayed in custody for 1 week at the house and 10 days at the hospital, but we survived it comfortably because it did not reach our lungs.”

Başar said, “My wife was having a lot of fever. I did not have a fever, but I had a lot of pain. After a period of a bit of trouble, our family doctor directed us to the Covid Monitoring Center. Since then , we have been coming here every 3 months. My wife and I are inspected. My doctors told me that “There are sometimes decreases and increases in my values. There are some problems with my kidneys. I am always cold, especially after the evening hours. We survived this disease lightly, but I can’t imagine how those who survived it were.”

Abdülkadir Başar (58), on the other hand, stated that he had a sweating problem along with the cold issue, like his wife, and said, “We have been coming to the Covid Monitoring Center for 1 year. Our examinations and inspections are Carried out in all polyclinics. Necessary drugs are given. There is no problem in my lungs at the moment. I do not have a random gloom, just “I have a sweating problem. It wasn’t normal. I never knew cold, I started getting cold. This is the only thing I have left from Covid. We will continue to come until the time the doctors say.”

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