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Attention online buyers: Solar protection warning

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With the warming of the weather, the interest of those who want to protect their skin from the sun in protective works has increased. The price increase in sunscreen creams and cosmetics has led consumers especially to online shopping. Antalya Chamber of Pharmacists Leader İsmail Erçin emphasized that the products sold cheaply with the ‘discount’ announcement on shopping sites should be paid attention to. Erçin pointed out that in some advertisements, the work was offered for sale much cheaper than its price.


Emphasizing that it is common to see under-the-counter works on the internet, Erçin said that those who prefer to buy the work that is sold at a much lower price than its price should search for the seller. Erçin suggested that those who want to buy sun protection products should prefer pharmacies, authorized sales stores or solid sites.


Mentioning that the use of counterfeit works negatively affects health, Erçin said:

“With the arrival of summer, the demand for sun-protective works has increased. Sunscreens are used frequently for skin health. Sunscreens should be purchased from safe places. Invalid works are very common on the Internet. Unbelievable under-the-counter works can lead to deterioration of skin health, and heavy use can lead to diseases such as cancer.”

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