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Attention! ‘Freiberg’ disease may be the cause of foot pain

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exp. Dr. Nurhan Barutçu gave information about Freiberg’s disease.

Emphasizing that the discomfort that occurs mostly in the 3rd comb bone is seen more frequently in the 6-20 age period, Dr. Barutçu noted that the disease may occur due to repetitive traumas or vascular problems.


Explaining that Freiberg’s disease is related to the loss of comb bones, Barutçu mentioned that the disease appears more frequently in women. While Barutçu explained that high-heeled shoes should not be used during the treatment period of the disease, he drew attention to the following issues in his briefing:

“It mostly occurs as a result of damage to the comb bones due to too much loading on the feet. It is 3-4 times more common in women than men. Soft tissue swelling and pain occur in the affected area. There is pain when pressing on the foot and moving the fingers. symptoms disappear in a few weeks. For its diagnosis, radiological imaging procedures are used. Initially, osteopenia (decrease in bone density), then flattening, irregularity and increase in density of the comb bone are observed. In advanced cycles, narrowing of the joint space is observed. Metatarsal pillow can be used to relieve pain in the early period of treatment. Low-heeled shoes and rest are recommended. High heels should be avoided.”

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