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At the wedding in Çanakkale, the groom was given oil and the bride was floured.

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Those who were stuck at a wedding in Çanakkale became the agenda of the social media. 2 liters of sunflower oil was given to the groom and 5 kilograms of flour to the bride.

ÇANAKKALE (IGFA)- With the increase in exchange rates, the increases in gold made it difficult to work on jewelry at weddings. Artifacts, which are now on the rise, have begun to be put on at weddings, which the citizens think darkly.

After a 5 liter oil was installed at a wedding in the past months, another piece of jewelry news came from Çanakkale. While a quarter of gold is 1540 liras, a quarter-half of gram gold is 1067 liras, some citizens looking for answers to the questions of “What to wear” find solutions with flour and oil jewelry. The citizen, who wore 2 liters of sunflower oil to the groom and 5 kilograms of flour to the bride at the wedding, shared this photo on social media. Wearing jewelry worth 145 liras in total, the citizen said, “I can afford this much. I wanted to at least meet their kitchen needs. Normally, I would like to wear a quarter gold, but the price of a quarter gold is known. “If I wear a quarter gold at a wedding, it will destroy my economy,” he said.

2 liters of sunflower oil for the groom and bride is sold for 85 lira, 5 kilograms of flour for 60 lira.

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