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“At least 500 children died in domestic boarding schools in the US”

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A report by the US Department of the Interior states that at least 500 Native American children lost their lives in boarding schools, and this number could rise.

The US Department of the Interior released its research report on Native American boarding schools yesterday. According to the report, Native children studying at 408 boarding schools, which were opened in the middle of 1819-1969 with the aim of assimilation Native American children, were subjected to cruel treatment, such as falala, sexual abuse, forced labor and lousy nutrition . While it has been determined that 500 children related to Native American families have died so far, it is predicted that this number may increase to a thousand or even ten thousand with the continuation of the research.

In the report, it was stated that systematic assimilation methodologies were applied, such as prohibiting indigenous children from speaking their own language, their religions and cultural customs, giving them English names, shortening their hair and giving them military forced training.

US Secretary of the Interior Debra Haaland said at the press conference, “Each of these children is a missing family member and an individual who lives in this world and is unable to do his/her own cause, because they lost their lives as a module of a horrific system.” she used every word.

On the other hand, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian pointed out that the report in question confirms the disastrous history in which Native American children were treated horribly in Native American boarding schools. Reminding that the report was finally published after numerous requests, the Chinese spokesperson underlined that the US administration had not done any statistical studies on the real situation of the boarding schools in question, how many students studied in these schools, and how many students lost their lives.

Source China International Radio
Hibya News Agency

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