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Assignment to ‘Youth’ in AK Party Bursa Mudanya

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As a result of the detailed studies carried out after the District Leader Orhan Samast, who was appointed to the AK Party Mudanya District Presidency in the new year, and the executive and administrative committee formed in Bursa, the Youth Branches started to work after the appointment to the Women’s Branch the previous week.

BURSA (İGFA) – Yunus Emre Türk was appointed as the Head of the District Youth Branches, after the AK Party Mudanya District Women’s Branch Presidency, as a result of the detailed studies carried out by the AK Party Headquarters and provincial and district organizations.

Yunus Emre Türk, who is the Leader of the Social Policies Unit in Bursa, received his assignment in Mudanya, entrusted by the AK Party Headquarters Youth Branch Leader Eyyüp Kadir İnan, from the Youth Branch Leader Ömer Faruk Temiztürk.

AK Party Bursa Provincial Leader Davut Gürkan stated that they are carrying out detailed studies in order to create the teams that can best carry the Mudanya organizations to their party’s goals in 2023 and beyond.

Wishing success to Zahmetim Palancı, the Leader of the Women’s Branch, and Yunus Emre Türk, the Leader of the Youth Branch, who took over their duties in Mudanya, Leader Gürkan said that since the establishment of the AK Party, they have been working in unity and solidarity with his colleagues who have been involved in politics at every level and at all levels. he said.

AK Party Mudanya District Leader Orhan Samast, on the other hand, stated that the AK Party organizations will be one of the biggest sources of power and reinforcement in line with their strong Turkey goals, and wished Palancı and Türk success in their new duties.

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