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Artificial intelligence ASENA is after drugs!

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Tons of drugs, weapons and misdemeanor items were seized in the operations carried out after the investigations carried out in line with the detection and predictions of the ASENA software, where thousands of data, including the systems developed by the criminals, were entered.

ANKARA (IGFA) – According to the news on the website of the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Security Dealing with Narcotic Errors Department Leader İbrahim Seydioğulları said that thanks to the Analysis Systems Narcotic Network (ASENA) software, which was put into service 14 months ago, domestically and nationally, 3 He stated that 1,795 crimes had been discovered.

The narcotics groups, which started their efforts towards drug dealers in the police force in 1937 at the level of office chief, carried the experience gained in the past years to the digital world.

ASENA, which is a software in artificial intelligence format that can be integrated with the databases of the e-Government and UYAP and the Ministry of Interior and Justice, prepared by expert Turkish engineers, was put into operation about 14 months ago.

Department Head of Dealing with Narcotic Errors, Seydioğulları, gave information about the capacity and benefits of the software, which is named after the unit in the Narcotic Branch, known as ASENA by the employees, where technical activities are carried out.

Seydioğulları said that the foundations of the project in question were laid 4 years ago.

Stating that ASENA was put into practice in March 2021 after a 3-4 year software process, Seydioğulları stated that the system is used by 3 thousand 100 officials, 650 of which are fully authorized.

Explaining that the employee using the software has undergone rigorous training and that a record of every command is kept from the question they ask to the process they do, Seydioğulları emphasized that the questions to be asked to the system are approved by the center.

Emphasizing that ASENA is an artificial intelligence program with an infrastructure that can always be developed, Seydioğulları noted that it has many features that are not available in analysis systems used all over the world. Stating that the operators can also enter the system manually instantly, Seydioğulları said that ASENA can always repeat the instantaneous works.

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