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Approval from Germany to bring workers from abroad to solve the problem at airports

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German Minister of Digitalization and Transport Volker Wissing, Minister of Interior Nancy Faeser and German Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil gave information about enabling companies at the airport to bring workers from abroad at the joint press conference.

Wissing pointed out that the flights were canceled due to the lack of workers at the airports or that the passengers had to wait for a long time at the airports.

Expressing that this problem is also experienced in other parts of Europe, Wissing stated that the reason for this is the departure of the employee working at the airports during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Wissing noted that there is a shortage of workers in security and ground services at airports, and that they want to help companies in bringing workers from abroad to find solutions for this.

Minister of Interior Faeser also stated that there is a shortage of workers in all areas at the airports, “We want to help with short-term measures. We allow companies to recruit auxiliary personnel from abroad, especially from Turkey.” he said he.

Faeser mentioned that the companies will give residence and work permits to the workers they will bring from abroad in a fast form, and stated that the people to be brought will be assigned in the baggage processes.

Faeser shared the information that the company stated that the worker in question, which is planned to be brought to Germany, is experienced.

Minister Faeser stated that the worker who will come to the country on an intermittent basis will undergo a security review like everyone else working here, and that there will be no reduction in security.

Minister of Labor Heil also pointed out that companies were helped during the epidemic period, however, companies were putting out workers and employees were finding jobs in other places.

Noting that the branch now demands the support of the state, Heil said that they found a pragmatic solution for this.

Heil stated that the companies wanted to bring in a few thousand workers and stated that the conditions for not paying low prices to the companies in this subject, paying the price under the collective contract and providing suitable housing were brought.

Emphasizing that bringing in workers from abroad is a discontinuous analysis, Heil asked companies to provide trained personnel for the post-summer period.

Heil also that there are employees who are not in need in Turkey at the moment by the branch stated representatives and that they can be assigned to the baggage processes.

In Germany, especially in the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia, with the start of the summer holidays, long queues formed at many airports due to the lack of workers. Many flights were cancelled, and due to the delays of many flights, passengers arrived late at their destinations.

The German Air Transport Economics Association (BDL) presented a proposal to the Federal Ministry of Labor aimed at removing legal complications in bringing in airport employees from abroad, and cited the recruitment of personnel from abroad as a way to meet the need for workers in the short term.

BDL stated that the workers coming from Turkey speak German at A2 level, have certified dangerous matters training that meets the requirements of the airline association IATA, and meet the needs of German reliability inspections.

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