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Approval for “respirable” Covid-19 vaccine in China

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In China, the Covid-19 vaccine, which can penetrate the human body by inhalation, has been approved for emergency use.

The National Administration of Medical Works has decided that the world’s first “respirable” Covid-19 vaccine developed by CanSino Biotech can be used as a reminder dose by people who have had two doses of inactivated vaccines.

The vaccine, called “Convidecia Air”, will be an inhaled version of the single-dose Covid-19 vaccine “Convidecia” developed by the company before.

The injector version of the vaccine received emergency use approval from the Chinese National Medical Monuments Administration in February and the World Health Organization (WHO) in March.


In the inhalable version of the vaccine, instead of an injector, a spray device called a “nebulizer” is used, which converts the vaccine liquid into air bubbles.

The vaccine, which contains a weakened version of the virus, is intended to stimulate the natural infection route of the virus transmitted by inhalation, thereby inducing immunity in the body.

Convidecia Air will be the first example in the middle of Covid-19 vaccines to be administered with a nebulizer instead of an injector.

Vaccines in spray form are widely used to protect against respiratory infections such as influenza. The system reduces the production and application costs of vaccines.

It is envisaged that the device, which does not require injectors and needles, will provide convenience in terms of use in remote areas where health access is not sufficient.

Contrary to the fluid injection that needs to be preserved in the freezer, the fluid of the inhalable vaccine can be preserved at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius by preserving its chemical integrity. It is hoped that this will aid in more widespread immune maintenance globally.


In clinical trials for an inhalable vaccine, the results of which were published in “The Lancet”, it was seen that it induced a strong immune reaction. In the trial conducted on 420 adults in Jiangsu province of China, it was determined that the vaccine made the cells of the respiratory organs more resistant to the virus in subjects who had received two doses of the Coronavac vaccine, previously developed by Sinovac.

Following the immediate use approval, CanSino Biotech shares gained 10 percent on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and 7 percent on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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