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Apple’s decision to increase prices

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Faced with unionization at retail points and the tightening employment market, Apple decided to increase labor prices in the USA.

According to the news in Bloomberg, the company will increase the hourly base price to $22 with a 10 percent increase.

The company announced that the annual performance-based price increase program will also be accelerated in the notification it sent to its employees.

In late April, 107 employees working at an Apple store in Atlanta took steps to unionize.

Laborers trying to unionize in the Apple store said that the price they bought fell below the living standards in Atlanta, they wanted to increase the starting price from $ 20 to $ 28 and to balance inflation, they wanted more increases and profit sharing.

The warehouse workers of Amazon in Staten Island, New York won the first unionization effort in the country against the online store on April 1, and this success set an example for Amazon’s warehouse workers and Apple staff in other states.

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