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Another support from the Metropolitan to the producer

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Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its rural development projects without interruption, donated a solid fertilizer distribution trailer to the farmers in Bozkurt district. Emphasizing that they work throughout the city without any discrimination, Leader Zolan said, “We will continue on our way with the same enthusiasm and excitement.”

DENİZLİ (İGFA) – Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its exemplary projects that it continues to support rural citizens and to achieve high productivity in agriculture. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality donated a solid fertilizer distribution trailer to the producers in the Tutluca District of Bozkurt district in order to reduce their costs and enable them to make more profitable aquaculture by saving resources such as labor force. Metropolitan Municipality Leader Osman Zolan, AK Party Denizli Provincial Leader Yücel Güngör, Denizli Agriculture and Forestry Manager Şakir Çınar, producers and residents of the neighborhood attended the trailer delivery ceremony held in Tutluca District. Explaining that they quickly fulfilled the demand for a solid fertilizer distribution trailer from the producers of Tutluca, Lider Zolan wished him good luck and said, “We served everyone equally in all of our Denizli, without any discrimination. Hopefully, we will continue on our way with the same enthusiasm and excitement in the future as well.”

“Metropolitan and Denizli stood up”

Leader Zolan, who stated that they are trying to serve the whole city in a one-to-one standard with the reinforcements and guidance of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, after Denizli gained metropolitan status, said, “In 2014, Denizli was given the title of metropolitan city. Our President told us: ‘Cities should not develop only in the center, all provincial borders should be served, Denizli should stand up.’ Since then, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we have been serving everywhere.” Following the speech, Leader Zolan and his entourage examined the solid manure distribution trailer donated to Tutluca Neighborhood.

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