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Another star has fallen from Hollywood… James Caan dies

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James Caan, one of the actors of his father’s cinema, died at the age of 82.

American actor James Caan, famous for his performance of Sonny Corleone in the series The Father, has died at the age of 82.

According to the news reported by BBC News, Caan, who was one of the leading names in Hollywood during the 1970s, has decades of work. Caan has been nominated for an Oscar once, an Emmy once, and a Golden Globe four times.

Known for his party-loving lifestyle, the New York actor was married four times and had five children.

Born as a butcher’s child in the Bronx district, Caan initially wanted to play American football. He began acting while a student at Hofstra University, where he met Francis Ford Copolla, the director of Baba.

After minor roles in television and film, Caan made his big break in 1965, starring in two Howard Haws films, Red Line 7000 and El Dorado.

However, the movie that introduced Caan to everyone was Baba in 1972.

It was stated that Caan initially audited for the role of Michael Corleone and was the desired name by the studio executives.

However, at Coppola’s insistence, the role was given to Al Pacino.

James Caan disappeared from the public eye for a period in the early 1980s. The actor described this period as “very scary days” because of his drug use and his sister’s death.

Besides Caan Hollwood, he has been doing karate for 30 years.

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