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An 8-year action plan for Roman citizens was determined

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ANKARA (IGFA) – A New Strategy Document and Action Plan for Roma citizens was prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

The new plan, which will cover the years 2022-2030, includes 6 different areas: education, employment, health, housing, social assistance and social service, while aiming to improve the living conditions of Roman citizens and raise their living standards.

The Ministry, which prepared the roadmap for the preparation process, first came to the fore in workshops with relevant stakeholders.

Activities, current issues, issues and analysis proposals carried out within the scope of the 2016-2021 action plan were discussed in the workshops. In addition to the workshops, international contracts, action plans, national legislation, strategic plans of the relevant Ministries and top policy documents were examined.


In the New Strategy Document and Action Plan, the policies to be developed for Romani citizens were discussed under 6 headings: education, employment, health, housing, social assistance and social service. Some of the aims determined in line with the demands of the novels are as follows:

* A new social housing project for Roman citizens will be realized.

* Young Offices will be established in Roma neighborhoods

* Roma women will be encouraged to establish cooperatives

* Access to cultural and artistic activities will be increased

As it will be remembered, in the 2016-2021 action plan, many works under the responsibility of the Ministry were implemented. The number of 35 SODAMs that contribute to the psychosocial, sociocultural, professional, artistic and personal development of the Roma is planned to reach 47 this year.

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