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Altun: What Turkey carries is precious

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Presidential Liaison Leader Fahrettin Altun, in his opening speech of the NATO, Challenges, Stakeholders and Enlargement Panel in the 21st Century, said that Turkey is passing through a period in which the price and value that Turkey bears as a NATO ally is once again revealed .

ANKARA (IGFA) – Communications Leader Fahrettin Altun spoke at the NATO in the 21st Century, Challenges, Affiliates and Enlargement Panel.

Communications Leader Fahrettin Altun said, “The admission of countries that have not taken a clear position on dealing with terrorism to the alliance is also a threat to the future of NATO.”

Pointing out that Turkey is going through a very critical period for Europe and NATO member countries as well as for its region, Connection Leader Altun stated that the alliance has clearly shown that it can find itself in a geopolitical conflict in a very rapid form in the process that started with Russia’s attack on Ukraine. “This situation brought with it an important debate in the middle of European countries. At the same time, it brought new security concerns within NATO. Today’s security concerns, of course, do not only consist of geopolitical threats from other states, but also national and international terrorism, epidemics, unsystematic migration, “Some global problems such as cyber security, climate change, power supply security, economic and political stability of states accompany these threats. This undoubtedly complicates the international security environment,” he said.

Drawing attention to the report titled “NATO 2030: Togetherness for a New Age”, prepared on 25 November 2020 with the participation of member countries, Communications Leader Altun stated that in the midst of NATO’s 2030 goals, the most striking is “the goal of strengthening the unity, solidarity and harmony of allies”. he noted that.


Emphasizing that the said aim is something that Turkey sincerely desires and insists on every platform, Liaison Leader Altun stated that while NATO focuses on identifying common enemies, it also has to show the same sensitivity to security threats against each country, and said, ” Within the Alliance. “The value of the ‘indivisibility of security’ must be clearly understood. In this direction, a joint effort must be carried out against terrorism,” he said.

Underlining that Turkey is the country with the second largest army in NATO, Liaison Leader Altun said, “Turkey is undoubtedly an indispensable ally of NATO. This is the same for today as it was yesterday. As you know, today it is in various parts of the world. “We continue to support NATO’s peacekeeping missions. We make valuable contributions to the stabilizing role and security of the Alliance. With its opportunities and capabilities, Turkey increases the impact of NATO missions not only militarily, but also with the prestige of soft power in the eyes of the host countries,” he said.

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