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Altun: The professional formation of this job is valuable

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Presidential Liaison Leader Fahrettin Altun spoke at the International Media Information Association (UMED) International Media Academy Certificate Program held at the Connection Presidency Conference Hall.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Communications Leader Altun spoke at the UMED International Media Academy Certificate Program

Congratulating UMED and its executives for implementing the Academy program, Connection Leader Altun said, “I would like to thank the members of the segment and academy who contributed to the Media Academy. Each of the opportunities and environments to increase the professional knowledge and equipment of young communicators is very valuable. We are obligated to support various projects and programs and to continue them in the future, as we have done so far.” he said.

Expressing that there has been a great transformation in the field of conventional and digital media as a result of technological developments, Connection Leader Altun pointed out the value of actors and technologies acting competently in a dynamic field such as the media, who have the point of view to read the agenda of the country and the world correctly, and who can manage these processes with correct formulas.

“The spread of social media channels has made everyone a ‘messenger’,” said Altun. “We see that the rules of the news are ignored and many journalists remain silent on this situation. We also regret that the basic principles of the news are not remembered for many times. I would like to ask here. To what extent is the confirmation mechanism, one of the basic elements of the news process, used in the news production processes? Unfortunately, very few Today, we have come across a new type of news reporting. This type of journalism produces many victims. Rumored journalism, hearsay journalism. .. In the context of news, it is necessary to ask ‘what, how, why, where, when and who. “Are the questions being asked today? It’s not necessary,” he said.

Pointing out that one of the biggest problems dealing with disinformation and bullshit in politics and the media is today, Altun said, “We must work together with valuable names of the profession and influential professional organizations to resist this irregularity, this wave. We must protect journalism and journalism against this wave.” was invited.

Link Leader Altun, who said that the rapid development in communication technologies brought many innovations from social relations to reaching news, explained that journalism was reduced to the number of clicks and reading times, and this can be said as one of the negative effects of digitalization on the sector.


Pointing out that as the Presidency Liaison Office, they are making a great effort against disinformation against Turkey, Connection Leader Altun stated that they are dealing with social media channels that establish a great system to mortgage the will of the individual and society.

Altun said, “We also make our generic arrangements for the channels and sections that cost every opportunity to damage the Turkish brand and Turkey’s prestige, and we continue our legislative work in line with the expectations and requirements of the department,” said Altun, ” Undoubtedly, disrupting the public system with bullshit news and disinformation, attacking personal rights, It is considered a misdemeanor in all democracies and is subject to criminal processes. A bill prepared in this direction is currently being discussed in our Parliament. We believe that this legal regulation, which disturbs the comfort of those who disinform and produce bullshit against Turkey, will strengthen the foundations of democracy, freedom of the press and personal rights. We think that a more liberal media environment and a media climate where freedom of speech and personal rights are protected more strongly will be created.

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