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Altun: Sensitivity should be given to concerns

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Presidential Liaison Leader Fahrettin Altun said that a positive approach to NATO membership is unthinkable for countries that have not taken a sufficiently determined position regarding terrorist organizations.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Presidential Connection Leader Fahrettin Altun made evaluations about Sweden’s NATO membership in an article he wrote in the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

“Sweden’s participation in NATO will not be possible unless Turkey’s rightful concerns are addressed. If you expect NATO’s second largest army to defend you in the event of an attack, you have to accept this fact,” Altun said. He underlined that Turkey has one of the strongest arms in the world and that he sees the Alliance as the insurance of peace and stability.

Fahrettin Altun, who stated that he classically supported NATO’s “open door policy” in his article written in the newspaper published in Sweden, both in the enlargement process that started after the Cold War and later on when Turkey became a member of NATO. He stated that he gave full reinforcements to the countries that want to become a member of the USA, and that while following the “open door policy”, he was sensitive to ensure that NATO’s corporate identity and internal harmony were not damaged.


Pointing out that every international organization has base conditions and standards for membership, Link Leader Altun said that those who want to join NATO, which was built as a collective security organization, He stated that it is the legal expectation of the organization and its current members that the countries show sensitivity to the security concerns of each member of the organization.

Altun noted that it is an inevitable necessity for the candidate country to coordinate with the current members on an issue that has seriously threatened the international system and the national security of states in recent years, especially with terrorism and striving against terrorism.

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