Ali Babacan reminded the Nation Alliance’s constitutional amendment proposal: CHP proposes ‘balance’

DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan,Despite the fact that the People’s Alliance won the majority in the Assembly, he reminded the 84-point constitutional amendment proposed by the Nation Alliance for the transition to the parliamentary system.

Babacan said that there was no criticism from the government to the text prepared by the 6 parties. “If at any point the People’s Alliance says ‘Let’s work together’ on constitutional amendment, we are ready to work. We say to them, ‘Let’s work’. Come, look, there is an 84-item reference text here. For example, do we agree on 50 of them? We can say, ‘Let’s do this'” used his statements. Babacan said that a new constitution could not be made.


Evaluating Babacan’s statements and the fact that the majority of the Assembly is in the People’s Alliance, CHP staff,He said that more than half of the society both wanted system change and withdrew their support for Erdoğan.

The staff, who said that their only focus at the moment is the second round of Presidential elections, “Next week’s elections will be like a referendum. Two different understandings will compete. Our nation will vote on the understanding of management with a consensus against the one-man approach and make its decision. When our leader is elected president, it will not matter who has the majority of the parliament. At the same time, the executive and the legislature will be balanced. We will rule the country in harmony. Maybe even AKP members will want a parliamentary system”made its assessment.

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