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AK Party entered the camp in Kizilcahamam

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The AK Party’s Kızılcahamam camp has started. President Erdoğan will deliver the opening speech of the camp, which will last for three days. Many topics from foreign policy to economics will be discussed at the camp. Preparations for the 2023 elections will be expensive.

Economy, security, foreign policy… The AK Party will hold its 30th Consultation and Evaluation Meeting with valuable agenda topics. The camp, which will be organized with the theme of “faith and stability for Turkey”, will start with the speech of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

On the first day, parliamentary studies, economics, security and foreign policy sessions will be held. On the second day of the camp, there will be farming and power sessions. In the AK Party camp, 3600 additional indicators, rent increases and inflation increases are on the agenda

Some ministers, deputy general leaders and Parliamentary Cluster Leader İsmet Yılmaz will make presentations on the works in the sections closed to the press .

The organization will be instructed to “be more active in the field”

2023 election preparations are also among the valuable topics of the camp. Preparations will be expanded with the organization, transversely and lengthwise. Erdogan will instruct the deputies to “Work more effectively in more fields”. The camp will end on Sunday with Erdogan’s closing speech.

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