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AK Party Çonkar’s response to the US’s request to give the S-400s to Ukraine: You do not have a governor in Turkey

Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and AK Party Antalya deputy candidate, in the live broadcast he participated in Habertürk to the S-400smade statements regarding

with the S-400srelating to of the USAstating that it offers various Cavusoglu, “Give us control of this, give it elsewhere, he made proposals that directly concern our sovereignty. Where is our independence, our sovereignty?”said.

The U.S. offered Turkey to send the S-400s it bought from Russia to Ukraine.transmitting CavusogluMoreover, “The USA said can you send the S-400s to Ukraine, we said no”used the phrases.

Ahmet Berat Çonkar, 27th Term AK Party Istanbul Deputy and Co-chairman of the Turkish-Russian Social Forum,in this respect to Sputnikin his assessment, “There is a dimension of interference with sovereignty. You are reduced to the status of a satellite state. There is an authority state and it governs a country like Turkey in its most strategic and important decisions. It would be like being dependent or under a mandate. There is no governor of the USA in Turkey, the governor of the state of the USA does not rule here. In this respect, it is a very grave offer”used the phrases. Çonkar, added:

‘Our national security is above all else’

“Beyond that, this is a system that will provide protection for the vital and national security of our 85 million people. At the same time, this is such a careless, uncalculated, thoughtless, unserious, simple approach. It is also an inappropriate approach for interstate relations. Our national security is above all else. The interests and foreign policy of any state cannot be the subject of negotiation. We are already fighting these struggles because we see the existence and security of our nation as a top priority. The reason for Turkey’s interventions in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus, Libya and Qatar is a position related to its own national security and interests. This issue is one of them. If the United States is a NATO ally, if it is satisfied with the strengthening of Turkey’s security, it should arbitrate it. Because Türkiye already fulfills its responsibilities regarding NATO’s southeastern flank. From this point of view, I consider the approaches regarding the S-400 very serious.”

‘Decisions between countries do not bind Turkey’

On the other hand USA to Turkey to Russiaoriented WestPressures continue to participate in the sanctions imposed by the government. Çonkaron this subject, he said:

“The prints are so meaningless and wrong. While the USA and Europe determine their own foreign policies, they take certain decisions without consulting with Turkey. Naturally, Turkey would not be a partner in a decision that it was not in. It evaluates its own national interests, interests and national security priorities and determines its policy accordingly. However, since Turkey has the right to speak at the UN, if a decision is made there, in principle, Turkey will comply with such embargoes. Decisions made by other countries among themselves do not bind Turkey. Türkiye makes its own decision.”

Arms sales to Ukraine: ‘A sensitive policy is hard to understand’

Türkiye acts as an important mediator between Russia and Ukraine. In this process, important meetings were hosted and relations with both countries are carried out on an equal basis. However, some defense industry companies from Turkey continue to sell various systems and weapons to Ukraine. Evaluations are made that this situation puts Turkey’s neutrality at risk.

AK Party’s Conkar,In his assessment of this issue, “Türkiye has to protect its own security and national interests first. In this process, we are uncomfortable with the conflict of our two neighbors. This affects us negatively, but we can take steps with both Russia and Ukraine in line with our own national interests while maintaining these relations. For example, we have a nuclear power plant project with Russia, and we continue to attach great importance to it. For example, we have a defense industry cooperation with Ukraine, and we do not want it to deteriorate and negatively affect Turkey.”he added:

“I wish that if this conflict had not been a war, peace would have been established as soon as possible. If only Ukraine could stay in a more positive position for the security of the Black Sea and Eurasia within this peace and bloc. If only Russia could take steps to support this. But besides that, we have important relations with both countries. Both commercial, economic, military-defense and energy cooperation continue. We want to continue this, but we want to find a way out that no one will be harmed by solving this conflict between the two countries with the contribution of Turkey. We cannot say that one side should oppress, persecute or gain superiority over the other. Because we are bound by the rules of international law, we have responsibilities within NATO, and here we are in an effort to solve this issue in the role of a mediator with a sensible policy without confronting both sides. A sensitive policy may be difficult to understand, but since both the Ukrainian and Russian administrations know Turkey’s good intentions, they do not speak up or accept our policies. Maybe there are points they don’t like, but we also have issues that we don’t like about some of their moves and policies. This may be for Ukraine or for Russia, be it the processes in Syria, the Libyan case, the Armenia-Azerbaijan case. These are the results that cannot be fully achieved between countries, but a process is tried to be carried out in a mutually balanced manner, in which basic sensitivities are observed. It is the right policy for Turkey to act like this, otherwise I think the world will be exposed to different fractures.”

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