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Airport comment from İmamoğlu: If you have a module of patriotism left, stop!

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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu shared about Atatürk Airport on his social media account and said, “If you still have a module of patriotism left, stop!’

İSTANBUL (İGFA) – Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu reacted to the project regarding the transformation of the runways at Atatürk Airport into the National Garden in his social media account. of this nation who did you consult?” Imamoglu said that no one was consulted about the demolition of the runways and commented, “The mind that destroys a huge national wealth without resorting to common sense and asking the nation also destroys the holy places of Istanbul .”

“We know your intentions well. . Saying, “To make people forget the cost of living, unemployment and livelihood concerns with a two-dozer excavator,” İmamoğlu said, “You want to provoke the nation and create chaos. But in vain! No matter how hard you try, people will not come to these provocations, none of us will fall into this trap! If you still have a part of your homeland, a module of nation love, and a part of Istanbul, stop! Leave the decision to the beloved nation.”

Leader Imamoglu, who demanded that the demolition work be stopped, also shared an image of the work of the construction machinery on the runways on his social media account. /ekrem_imamoglu/status/1526532520170467333

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