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Airbnb pulls out of China due to “zero-Covid” policy

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Airbnb, which provides room and residential rental services over the internet, is stopping its operations in China, which continues the quarantine process with its “zero-Covid” policy.

According to the information given to the BBC by a source on the subject, all residences in the country on the company’s website will be removed from the platform with the prestige of the summer months.

Stays in China accounted for just 1 percent of Airbnb’s revenue over the past few years.

With this decision, the company is expected to focus on Chinese citizens traveling abroad.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the Chinese reached 155 million trips in 2019. This means a threefold increase in less than a decade.

But since 2020, China has the harshest coronavirus restrictions in the world. This makes it very difficult to travel both within the country and abroad.

Airbnb, which entered China in 2016, has recorded 25 million bookings since then.

However, a source who was in control of the company’s decision to withdraw said that even before the pandemic, operations in China were complex and valuable.

For example, all the details of the guests who made a reservation due to Chinese articles have been sent to the Chinese government. The company has faced strong competition from domestic residential rental platforms in China as a result.

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