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‘Agricultural’ criticism from CHP Sarıbal

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced that no wheat was bought from India. CHP Bursa Deputy Orhan Sarıbal said that this statement did not change the fact that Turkey is a full importer not only of wheat but also of all agricultural products.

ANKARA (IGFA) – CHP Bursa Deputy Orhan Sarıbal said that Turkey is completely dependent on foreign countries for both plant and animal agricultural works. Stating that there is no production in wheat to meet the need of the country, Sarıbal said, “Only in 2021, 8.1 million tons of wheat was imported. The wheat we produce is not enough for us,” he said.

In the press conference he saddened in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said, “We do not buy wheat from India. Criticizing the statement “We have not received it until today,” Deputy Sarıbal stated that these rumors were accepted by the public because we are an importer country as a result of the wrong agricultural policies.

“So these are not rumors that come out out of the blue,” said Sarıbal, “They are huge truths produced by the public over a single word as a result of your incompetence. You may not have bought it from India, but your work is so meaningless that it causes people to draw such conclusions,’ Saribal said, adding, “In August of last year, TMO canceled the 515 thousand-ton barley tender it opened due to high prices. Subsequently, in January of this year, he was able to buy only one fourth of the 400 thousand tons of wheat tender. At the end of April, it had to cancel the 480 thousand tons of wheat purchase tender due to high prices. You will now do all these in public, they will be seen and known by the public, and you will turn around and say, ‘We do not buy works from India.’ This is the public perception of the mistakes you have made,” he said.


Criticizing the statement of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry that “Our proficiency rate in wheat is 2”, Sarıbal said, “On the one hand, they are persistently trying to create the perception of ‘we are self-sufficient’, on the other hand TMO It goes out to tender for imports and cancels it when it can’ t. What should these people believe in you?”

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