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Affordable delivery of tea and bagels at Erdogan from Niğde

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The price of a 100 gram bagel in Niğde increased for the second time in three months and became 4 TL. CHP Niğde Provincial Leader Erhan Adem made a tea-simit calculation in Niğde.

ANKARA (IGFA) – After the price of a 100 gram bagel increased to 4 TL for the second time in three months in Niğde, CHP Niğde Provincial Leader Erhan Adem made a reference to President Erdoğan’s tea bagel account in the past.

Reminding that the increase in Niğde was two times in three months, Adem said, “Every time the government cannot rule the country, our cities, our fellow citizens, our citizens suffer, they struggle with hunger, poverty and The AK Party is now spewing blood on this nation.” .

Drawing attention to the point reached in 20 years of power, Adem said that what has happened is obvious and everything that has been said has been said.


Reminding President Erdogan of his previous words, Erhan Adem said, “I hope he will adapt these words to our day. Erdogan once said, “A bagel is 3 liras, 1 glass of glass.” tea is 2.5 liras… If a family of 5 spends their meal with only bagels and tea, they make 2 thousand 475 liras and 350 liras remain. Will he pay rent, buy firewood, or pay for his child’s schooling with it? They came to power by making tea and bagel calculations, but they forgot the minimum wage. This cruel government does not even deserve a cup of tea and a bagel to the nation,” he said.

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