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Aegean exporters’ industrial exports exceeded 10 billion dollars

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Industrial exports of Aegean Exporters’ Associations increased by 39 percent in the last year and reached 10 billion 74 million dollars.

İZMİR (İGFA) – Aegean Exporters’ Unions Coordinator Leader Jak Eskinazi announced that the branches within the EİB realized 4 billion 622 million dollars of the 10 billion 74 million dollars industrial exports.

Announcing that our initiatives regarding the establishment of new Exporters’ Associations within the EIB will continue, Eskinazi said that the region’s industrial exports of 5 billion 451 million dollars, that is, 54 percent, are made by the segments that do not have a union in the EIB.

Pointing out that İzmir is a city where sectoral diversity is at its peak, Eskinazi said, “As Aegean Exporters’ Associations, we have been making efforts for the establishment of the Unions of the sectors that are not represented in our body, especially the chemistry sector, and that are strong in exports for many years. The state bases of each department and the other We provide all services in the Aegean Region. We need a new structuring in which we will represent all exports in the Aegean Region. Our initiatives regarding the establishment of new Exporters’ Associations within the body of the EIB, with a priority in the “Air Conditioning Industry” departments, will continue, “he said.

Eskinazi also announced the countries with the highest exports on a sectoral basis in the January-March period.

In steel; Yemen, United Kingdom, USA and Germany

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals; Germany, Bulgaria, USA, France, Netherlands

In cement, glass ceramic and earthenware; USA, Israel, United Kingdom,

In leather and leather products; Germany, Netherlands, Italy

In electricity-electronics; France, Germany, United Kingdom

Ship and yacht division; Austria and the Netherlands,

Carpet cutting; USA and Germany

In air conditioning industry; Germany, France, Italy, Spain

Chemical elements and products; Belgium, Italy, USA,

In ready-made clothing and apparel; Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands

Machinery and its parts; USA, Germany, Italy, France,

In the defense and aerospace industry; UAE, Qatar, Tunisia,

Vehicles and sub-industry; Germany, Italy, France, Spain

In the weaving and raw materials department; Pakistan, China, Italy are in the middle of the countries in the first place.

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