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Additional indicator and student amnesty presented to the Turkish Grand National Assembly

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The bill on economics, signed by the AK Party Deputies, including the regulation of student amnesty with an additional indicator, was submitted to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

ANKARA (IGFA) – The economic “bag” law proposal, which includes the regulation of “student amnesty” with 3600 additional indicators, was submitted to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

According to the details on the official website of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, with the proposal, the municipality leaders will be able to benefit from office/representation and mission compensations.

The additional indicator of those in the Presidential Administrative Affairs Leader team will be applied by adding 400 points. This additional score will not be taken into account when calculating the highest civil servant salary or any other financial and social entitlement. Decisions of other laws contrary to this paragraph will not be applied.

Additional indicator numbers of employees of the Presidency of Administrative Affairs and the Administrative Organization of the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey are again determined by taking into account the hierarchy, service classes, education level and degrees.

With the regulation, 600 points will be added to the additional indicators of all officers. Additional indicators of teachers, police, health workers and religious officials will be increased to 3600. 5 million 300 thousand civil servants will benefit from the regulation.


With the regulation, there will be an increase in both the pensions and bonuses of civil servants. The pension of the civil servant, who has 30 years of service, will increase by approximately 1200 lira, and his bonus will increase by approximately 50 thousand lira. Retired civil servants will also benefit from the regulation. The lower end of the pension, which is 2500 lira, will be increased to 3000 lira.

Surety bills, which have become widespread in the insurance industry and are issued by insurance companies residing in Turkey within the scope of surety insurance, will also be accepted as collateral in the implementation of the Law on Collection of Public Receivables.

With the proposal that changes the decision regarding the type of collateral to be given by those who will participate in the sales of securities, the decision to obtain a letter of guarantee instead of money will be revised and it will be possible to receive the surety bonds issued by the insurance companies in Turkey within the scope of the surety insurance.

With the amendment made in the Zoning Law, the building (construction) license has been obtained until July 1, 2022 and has been built accordingly, and it is also possible to make electricity and/or water subscriptions to the buildings that are not given or not granted an occupancy permit.


Those who were dismissed while studying at higher education institutions and students who could not register to these higher education institutions due to various reasons are given the right to continue their higher education without any time limit for the past.

The Draft Law Amending the Decree in the Law on Civil Servants, Some Laws and Law No. 375 amends the Law on Declaring Property, Bribery and Corruption.

According to the Misdemeanors Law, administrative fines that will be applied against misdemeanors and whose payment deadline is not regulated will be paid within 1 month from the notification. If the administrative fine is paid within the deadline, a 25 percent reduction will be made from the fine. The payment will not affect the person’s right to take legal action against this decision.

The indefinite right to benefit from the reduction in corporate tax due to the cash capital increase is terminated by taking into account the account period in which the decision on the capital increase or the main contract in the first establishment step was registered and the 4 account transfers following this transfer. In case of a capital reduction in these transfers, the reduced capital price will not be taken into account in the calculation of the discount. This decision will be applied for 5 accounting periods, including the 2022 accounting period, for companies that have increased their capital or established for the first time before the effective date.

With the regulation made in the Law on the Regulation of Taxes, Funds and Shares Received from Games of Chance Proceeds, 8 percent of the public share corresponding to the baht games whose license has been transferred from the amounts recorded by the company to be established by the Turkey Wealth Fund or the Turkey Wealth Fund; It will be calculated with the prestige of quarterly periods of a calendar year and transferred to the General Directorate of National Lottery Management to be recorded until the end of working hours on the 15th day of the following second month.

With the regulation made in the Law on the Services of the General Directorate of Highways, vehicle owners who pass without paying the toll prices determined for the highways operated by the General Directorate and the highways where access control is applied, within 45 days following the grace period, regardless of whether an administrative fine has been reported or not, with the toll price, In the event that 1 times of the transit price is paid as an administrative fine, the administrative fine will be deemed to have been given 1 fold and no separate notification will be made for this penalty.

After the 45th day following the grace period, a penalty of 4 times the price of the entrance and exit without paying the transit price, the vehicle owner, in line with the information described in the price collection systems, at least 15 days in advance by short message, e-mail, notice. , e-government notification, etc. information will be given in at least one of the procedures.

With the regulation made in the Turkish Commercial Code, the books and documents that a trader is obliged to keep; If it is lost due to a disaster or theft such as fire, flood or ground shaking and within the legal storage period, the trader may request a document from the competent court of the place where his commercial enterprise is located within 30 days from the date of learning of the loss.

A pre-license for the establishment of an electricity generation facility based on wind and/or solar power will be granted by the Power Market Regulatory Authority up to the council power of the electricity storage facility they undertake to establish.

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