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Actual transfer-delivery processes of savings financing contracts started

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According to the statement made by the SDIF, in accordance with the Law No. 7394, which was published in the Official Gazette dated April 15, 2022 and numbered 31810, signed for the transfer of the customer contracts of the companies, whose liquidation processes are carried out by the SDIF, and which are known as “home companies” in the public, and today, with the prestige, the contracts are signed. de facto, hand over-delivery processes were started.

Project, the transferor company, after delivering the contracts, will notify the customer with a short message to which company the contract has been transferred. The company that took over the contract will also contact customers.

In order to avoid unnecessary aggravation in the companies that took over the contracts and to carry out the processes quickly, it is valuable not to apply to the new company before a short notice is received.

In the statement, it was stated that after the contracts were transferred, detailed answers to frequently asked questions about how the process would work were given on the SDIF’s website.

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