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“Across 1 million deaths, American discontent grows”

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The COVID-19 epidemic in the USA caused 1 million deaths. On the other hand, it was stated that while the mask requirement was lifted in many states of the USA, some measures against the epidemic would not be implemented and “coexistence with the virus” would be learned from now on.

However, against the hefty 1 million numbers, many Americans are expressing dissatisfaction with the government’s performance in dealing with the epidemic.

American Mike Bentley said, “This is certainly a big number. I will pray for the people who lost their loved ones. After going through all this, I believe their life will be affected for sure.” he said.

American Michelle Labaddia also expressed her views as follows:

“I think this is very sad. Unless you’re infected, you wouldn’t realize how terrifying it is. I don’t think Americans understand this clearly. So many lives have been lost. All this is very sad. While you wait for this to end immediately, you get the news that the epidemic continues to spread. How heartbreaking is that.”

1 million deaths corresponds to the total extinction of the population in San Jose, California, the tenth largest city in the United States. This is a shocking number.

Due to the relaxation of the measures taken against the epidemic, with the prestige of April, the number of daily hospitalizations in the USA started to increase again, and the number of new incidents increased in some regions. Some US health officials predicted that the new wave would hit the country.

Source China International Radio
Hibya News Agency

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