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Acarzade Cluster CEO: We added the USA to our target markets

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The global fluctuations in the economy and the supply burdens created by the Russia-Ukraine war did not stop exports. In the first 6 months of the year, exports reached 126 billion dollars with an increase of 20%.

According to TİM’s June information, the steel sector was the 3rd most exporting sector with a volume exceeding 2.3 billion dollars.

The branch’s 6-month exports are nearing the end of $12 billion, with the US taking the largest stake in the steel’s cross-border travel. Exports of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, on the other hand, started to increase again in June, following a partial decrease in May, writing the number of approximately 8 billion dollars on the 6-month export balance sheet.

Making evaluations on the subject, Muhammed Ali Acarzade, CEO of Acarzade Cluster, said, “Last year, Turkey left Germany behind once again and maintained its position as the largest steel producer in Europe and the 7th in the world.

The increase in domestic production due to consumption triggered growth. Steel consumption increased by 13.2% in 2021, reaching 33.4 million tons. This increase is expected to continue in the medium and long term.

In addition to the increasing demand in the domestic market, the growth in the industrial segment directly affected production, while the advantage of our country’s geographical position brought dynamism to export activities.


Muhammed Ali Acarzade, who said that EU countries, especially the USA, started to look for alternative markets due to the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia due to the Russia-Ukraine war, said, “We responded to the West’s search for alternative markets with our ever-increasing iron and steel production.

In the first 6 months of the year, there was a 94% increase in steel exports to the USA. In the same period, our exports to Germany exceeded 30%. In 6 months, the increase in exports of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to the USA exceeded 50%, while our exports to Germany increased by more than 58%.

When evaluated on an annual basis, Germany realized the highest import since the oil crisis in 1981. With its high potential, Germany has become Turkey’s export route. Countries such as France, China, Canada and Mexico also have great potential in exports.”


Saying that they increased their export activities by approximately 73% last year, Acarzade Cluster CEO Muhammed Ali Acarzade said, “Iron-steel and derivatives to 30 countries including Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, India, Canada, China, South Korea and Thailand . We export works. Africa and the Middle East are our biggest markets. In 2021, we added Poland, Spain and the USA to the middle of our export countries.

We accelerated our activities to increase the quality of our works that we developed in accordance with international standards.

We are planning to expand our export activities while supporting our production with our new investments. Our 2023 export goal is to grow more in the Middle East.

We will invest in different departments in our country and abroad. We aim to grow in the fields of cosmetics, food and weaving as well as iron and steel in the country and abroad.”

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