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Abdullah Ekşioğlu: “Everyone wants their own constitution”

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Abdullah Ekşioğlu, former Secretary General of the Press Board and director the famous commercial cinema, commented the constitutional debates brought forward by both the government and the 6-way table, and said, “Everyone wants their own own.”

ISTANBUL İGFA- Abdullah Ekşioğlu, former Secretary General of the Press Council and famous advertising cinema director, who announced that he is a presidential candidate for the 2023 Presidential elections, criticizes the Constitutional debates brought forward by both the government and the 6- way table, saying, “Everyone wants their own Constitution. . However, Constitutions are social conventions and it is not possible to create a Constitution that will be accepted by the majority of the society without a broad consensus.” he said.

Arguing that the constitutional amendments to be made without a social consensus will not be long-lasting and will not contribute to social integration, Ekşioğlu, citing the 2017 referendum as an example, said that the election results were in the direction of a legal change in the government system with 51.41% yes votes, but that the society did not agree. He said that as a result, he was divided into watermelon, and that if a strong society and a bright future are desired, it is necessary to learn from the mistakes made so far.

Drawing attention to the fact that both the government and the opposition promised a new civilian Constitution to replace the 1982 Constitution, Abdullah Ekşioğlu reminded that constitutions can be made by the constituent assemblies, and that it is not possible to make a new Constitution instead of the 1982 Constitution without abolishing the existing Constitution, and they are against coups. He said that the government and opposition, who frequently speak, are too politically blind to see the contradiction they have fallen into while promising a new constitution.

Emphasizing that the 1982 Constitution is problematic in terms of its language and spirit, and that its integrity has been disrupted because it has been amended 21 times, Ekşioğlu said that how the constitutional amendment can be made is specified in the Constitution, and within this framework, a wide range of political parties, universities and non-governmental institutions. that a council with participation of all parties, except the first 4 elements of the Constitution, can create a coherent text that fully ensures the separation of powers by consensus, prioritizes democracy, human rights and freedoms, and befits the Turkish people with its spirit and language. He noted that although it will be referred to as the 1982 Constitution, it will be accepted by almost all of the people.

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