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A ‘trap’ defense against the Gümüldür tangerine

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Aegean Fresh Fruit Vegetable Exporters’ Association distributed 2,500 Mediterranean fruit fly traps to producers in Menderes, Selçuk and Seferihisar districts, which stand out in İzmir’s tangerine production, through İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.

IZMIR (IGFA) – The world famous Gümüldür tangerine will get rid of Mediterranean fruit fly with traps.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the Gümüldür Market Place, Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association Leader Hayrettin Aircraft stated that importing countries approach the Mediterranean fruit fly pest with zero tolerance, therefore, they give all kinds of support to the producers in the field of biotechnical dealing with the Mediterranean fruit fly.

Sharing the knowledge that 1 million 585 thousand tons of tangerines were produced in Turkey in 2021, Aircraft said, “We exported 930 thousand tons of this production. While our citrus exports were 934 million dollars, 453 million dollars of this was tangerine exports. Of course, we are pleased that we have such high-value exports. However, in order to increase these numbers, we need to gain a competitive advantage in the world market. In order to achieve this superiority, we must produce products that are suitable for the demands of importing companies in terms of quality, and we must also use residue-free and licensed drugs. I think that supporting our producers in every field is very valuable in terms of the added price to be provided to our exported works. As exporters, we always want to stand by our producers if there is a basis for our producers to produce works of higher quality and more efficiently.”

Explaining that as the Aegean Fresh Fruit Vegetable Exporters’ Association, they have provided 2,500 traps for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly Project to be carried out by the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Uçar said, “We are carrying out together with the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry in order to spread the Fine Agricultural Practices, and Selçuk, Menderes announced that the ‘Normal Agricultural Practices from Production to Export’ Project will start for tangerine producers in Seferihisar districts.

Speaking at the Mediterranean fruit fly trap distribution ceremony, İzmir Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director Mustafa İtina emphasized that İzmir, with a population of 4.5 million, is the guarantee of its future with the agricultural production of 150 thousand farmers and their families on 3.8 million decares of land in İzmir, the city where organic agriculture was born. .

Speaking on behalf of the producers from Meander, Aygün Ali Cevizci emphasized that the biotechnical effort with the Mediterranean fruit fly is very valuable, the cost of biotechnical effort per decare is 550 TL per decare today, and the 100 TL supplement given by the government should be increased.

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