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A sweet book from Bursalı İdil Author

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İdil Yazar’s new book “Chocolate”, in which she reveals her passion for chocolate and includes delicious definitions, business meeting with her readers under the label of İnkılâp Kitabevi.

İSTANBUL (İGFA) – Crowning her interest in the kitchen with her various works, İdil Author gained a lot of attention with the series “Snacks in 30 Minutes”, “Main Meals in 30 Minutes” and “Desserts in 30 Minutes” published by İnkılâp Publishing House in 2019. His highly anticipated new book “Chocolate” is presented to his readers.

Based on the understanding that chocolate makes everyone happy, “Chocolate”, written by İdil Muharrir, takes its followers on a fascinating tour in the world of chocolate with its very practical and unique definitions. With this book, which will offer a unique resource to culinary lovers, İdil Muharrir benefits from the unifying power of chocolate that accompanies the happy and sad moments of life.

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