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A new period in e-commerce… Platforms should not grow, consumers should not buy!

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ANKARA (IGFA)- Restrictions against consumers regarding electronic commerce continue.

Following the discounts and promotions terminated with the Regulation of Electronic Commerce, which was passed by the Parliamentary Commission in the past months, and with the new regulation made in the Distance Sales Agreement, as of October 1, 2022, the consumer’s right to electronic goods such as mobile phones, smart watches, tablets and computers has a 14-day maturity date. the right of withdrawal is removed. With the new regulation, consumers will not be able to return the incoming work even if they do not open the package. In addition to this situation, consumers will be under the obligation to pay the cargo and similar prices during the return process of works other than these categories.


The new E-Commerce Law, which was adopted in the past months and will come into force on January 1, 2023, continues to gather the reaction of the branch and the sellers. Professionals of the department, by describing the law in question as an obstacle placed in front of a department with a high direct and indirect contribution to the economy, such as e-commerce; He mentions that the law should be reviewed by taking the opinions of platforms, sellers and consumers before it enters into force.

Opinions are that restrictions on platforms in the law will negatively affect employment and additional taxes will be reflected in prices at the end of the day, leaving consumers in a difficult position. Both regulations are far from being innovations related to e-commerce and moving the branch forward; This leads to the disappearance of advantages such as affordable prices and ease of shopping, especially for consumers.


Mahmut Şahin, the General Leader of the Consumers Union, who claimed that the regulation to abolish the right of withdrawal within 14 days in the Distance Sales Agreement will increase fraud and that they have applied to the Council of State for its cancellation, said, ” This right is given to the consumer by law, but it is taken by a regulation, which is something smaller.” found.

Pointing out that, according to the European Union Consumer Rights Directive, consumers can return the products they buy within 14 days without showing any relationship, Lider Şahin said, “The problem of remote sales should have been implemented in the same form as it is applied throughout Europe. the consumer has the right to return a work; The work he wants may not come, because he buys the work from afar and without seeing it ”and he drew attention to the fact that the new arrangement will make consumers suffer.

Mahmut Şahin, the General Leader of the Consumers’ Association, reacted to the restriction of consumer organizations’ gains in favor of the consumer, which has been gained through long years of effort; He mentions that this change, which imposes even the cost of sending back the consumer because he uses the right given by the law, and brings back the old understanding of “the goods sold cannot be taken back”, should be canceled before 1 October 2022 , that is, before it enters into force.

Şahin invited consumers to boycott by not shopping on e-commerce platforms on October 1, 2022, if the change is not realized.

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