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A new eye on the industry from ULUKOZA entrepreneurs in Bursa

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Alım Kısımlı and Oğuz Kayalık, the entrepreneurs of ULUKOZA, the entrepreneurship platform of Bursa Uludağ University Technology Transfer Office, said that with the ‘Compact Industrial Landscape Process System Project’ they developed, they will reduce the dependency on foreign sources in the industry and save cost and time.

BURSA (IGFA) – Entrepreneurs Alim Kol and Oğuz Kayalık, who received grants with the ULUKOZA Program within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 1512 Techno-enterprise Capital Basis Implementing Organization BiGG4tech Project, which was incorporated in ULUTEK Technopark Incubation Center, with the ‘Compact Industrial Landscape Process System’, which saves industrialists from foreign dependency, provides a practical and He stated that they signed an innovative analysis.

Stating that two types of industrial landscape process systems are used in Turkey, namely compact and non-compact, ULUKOZA Entrepreneur Alım Kol said, “In the non-compact system, a period of 6-10 weeks is required for my delegation. In addition, in case of a change in a segment, the software must be prepared again and the technical infrastructure must be created from scratch. In such systems, a different computer, a different external system is needed. In the technology we have developed, the system is located inside the device. Our system is ready for use in 2 hours in total with the sura of the work and 1 hour of training.”

Indicating that the design phase of the project they developed with Oğuz Kayalık, who is also an entrepreneur, is about to end, Partially said, “We had an exciting and heavy project writing period with ULUKOZA. During this process, we worked very hard with the mentors. Thanks to ULUKOZA, we had the opportunity to meet with many company officials and reach customers. We received excellent letters of intent from the big companies of Bursa. Thanks to ULUKOZA, we have a TÜBİTAK approved project. This allows us to open many doors. Thanks to the project we developed with ULUKOZA and TÜBİTAK, we can have a permanent place in the industrial world and produce tailor-made industrial systems.”

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