Business is booming.

A kilo of potatoes is 9 liras in the field.

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Early potato harvest in Adana, one of Turkey’s most valuable agricultural production centers, started with a delay of 2 weeks due to frost. Agricultural workers, who came to the fields from the early hours of the morning, cleared the potatoes from the soil with the help of tractors.

Early potatoes, which were bagged and loaded on trucks by agricultural workers, were sent to markets for sale. A yield of 150 thousand tons is expected from the potato, which is planted on approximately 40 thousand decares and yields 3 to 4 tons per decare in the city.


Yuregir Chamber of Agriculture Leader Mehmet Akın Doğan said that the harvest was delayed for 2 weeks due to frost and cold weather, and therefore prices rose . Doğan said, “This year, the yield is low. The distinction between first and second quality potatoes, which was made before, is no longer made. It is sold in the field for 9 liras and offered to the market. Last year, our farmers could not earn money from the potato, which was sold for 1 lira 80 and 1 lira 90 kuruş, and this year they reduced the planting area. This year The prices have increased due to the low yield and planting area.”


Noting that the farmers are laughing at the prices, but the prices will decrease in the coming periods, Mehmet Akın Doğan said, “In the coming days, Harvest will begin in the district of Ödemiş and İzmir. When the potatoes there enter the market, the prices will decrease compared to the yield in that period.”

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