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A fruitful harvest in Sakarya… First works are on the table

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After the harvest started a short time ago at the Greenhouse Excellence Center, one of Sakarya’s agricultural vision projects, tomatoes took their place in the chain markets of Istanbul Hali and Sakarya.

SAKARYA (IGFA) – Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality’s agricultural projects are being completed one by one, completed projects meet with citizens, take their place on the table and continue to contribute to employment by giving life to the country’s economy.

Year-long production will be possible in the center, where 30 tons of tomatoes are put on the market in a short time.

Stating that they have brought 30 thousand kilograms of tomatoes, corresponding to 9 thousand boxes, to the market so far, Lider Şanlı emphasized that the purpose of tomato production is 1,250 tons in the facility, where harvest is targeted for a year. Leader Yue, who stated that Sakarya has been continuing with the effort of making a brand city that makes a name for itself in every field, from the first day they came to the mission, said, “Greenhouse Excellence with BRAND reinforcement on an area of 53 thousand square meters where we can do geothermal sourced soilless agriculture with the aim of utilizing our natural resources in the most active form. We established the center and started production. We carry out an organic production in this facility, which we established above world standards. Thank God, we also saw that the tomatoes produced here today took their places in the boxes and went to the markets. So far, we have brought 30 thousand kilograms of tomatoes, corresponding to 9 thousand boxes, to the market. goal of tomato production is 1,250 tons. These lands, which adorned the kitchens of the Ottoman Empire 200 years ago, adorn the tables of our country today.”

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Leader Ekrem Büyük emphasized that they will not allow the reduction of production and self-sufficiency, which is a module of Turkish culture from Central Asia to the present, and emphasized that they are ready for export.

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