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A first in Turkey: ‘Jewellery on Duty’ system was introduced in that province

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Diyarbakir Chamber of Jewelers and Money Changers (DIKO) Mehmet Yuksel and his group launched the ‘jewelry on duty’ system, a first in Turkey, with heavy tourist arrivals in Diyarbakir.

It was stated that in DIKO, which has approximately 450 members, 6 jewelers in Sur district and 3 jewelers in other districts will remain open on weekends, serving the citizens and everyone will benefit from a fair system. DIKO leader Yuksel stated that with the system, exorbitant prices will be avoided and citizens will also receive comfortable service, and noted that those who come to the city can also access hand-embroidered works such as the straw bracelet of Diyarbakir.


DIKO Leader Yuksel, who said that they want to establish and develop the jeweler on duty system, said:

“We put our first project into operation last week. We installed the on-duty jewelery system, which is in need of our city. Our first market resulted in success. Everyone listened to us in a pleasant manner. We are very happy. This is a first in Turkey. We have identified the jeweler system on duty as a necessity. Thousands of tourists have started to come to Diyarbakır.This is very pleasing for us. We have special works produced by Diyarbakır.To promote our straw bracelets, various necklaces, handicrafts. On weekends, breeds are organized here. We are very happy for this, too. On our branch. to introduce them and establish the jewelery system on duty.”


Yuksel ended his words as follows:

“There are points where types come in on Sundays in Sur district. We have tried to leave 6-7 jewelers open as a necessity. This will be alternately. 6 workplaces will remain open every week. As we wished, everyone obeyed. Thank you to the whole branch. In our other districts, there are also three. The workplace will remain open. We made and implemented such a project. It was very nice. We have close to 450 tradesmen. We included all of them in the project. “

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