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A ’40 percent’ increase is expected for cosmetic products

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Zafer Kutanoğlu, the Leader of Aksan Kozmetik Board of Directors, stated that the increase in petrochemical and power prices is an important cost item in the cosmetics branch. Kutanoğlu stated that the increase in the subject of speech will be reflected on the shelves as an increase of 30 to 40 percent.


According to the news of Bloomberg HT, Kutanoğlu spoke as follows on the subject:

“Except for the minimum price increase, we gave our employees a medium increase in the 20 percent band in May. Because the increase we made in the face of inflation did not mean much to them. All these, when it comes to a middle with other costs, will cause an increase of 30-40 percent in the works.

These increases are not reflected on the shelves now. The later we can reflect on the shelves, the more we think it is enough for our people. I think the increases will be reflected in August, not July. We can also see the effect of exchange rate increases.”

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