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93 of Turkey’s 500 largest companies are from the food branch.

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According to the results of Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2021 Research prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), the largest 500 companies were gathered in 24 branches.

In the research in question, the branch with the highest number of companies was the production of food products with 93 companies. Food was followed by the basic metal industry with 75 companies, weaving with 46 companies, motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers with 42 companies.

While the number of companies in the food industry decreased from 109 to 93, it rose from 66 to 75 in the basic metals industry.


While the number of companies operating in the “manufacturing of chemical and chemical works” increased to 39, 29 companies from the “manufacturing of electrical equipment” entered the list. The number of companies included in the chemical list increased from 33 to 39.

Electrical equipment companies, “rubber and plastic products” with 23 companies, “other non-metallic mineral products” with 21 companies, “manufacture of fabricated metal works (except machinery and equipment)” with 18 companies, “manufacture of machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified” with 16 companies. ” and “electricity, gas, steam and ventilation system production and distribution sector” followed.

15 companies from the “paper and paper products” branch, 13 from the clothing items, 11 from the mining and quarrying, 6 companies from the “manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical materials” and “other transportation vehicles” were included in the list .

In the middle of the top 500 enterprises, “jewelry, jewelery and related products”, “computers, electronic and optical products”, “wood, woodwork and cork products (excluding furniture)” and “furniture” segment are 5 each; “coke and refined petroleum products” and “beverage” are 4 each; “tobacco products” showed length with 2 cuts.


When Turkey’s largest 500 industrial enterprises are analyzed in terms of sales from production, it is seen that the “main metal industry” takes the lead.

In the sales from production of ISO 500, which was 2.05 trillion liras last year, the basic metal industry was at the top with 456.4 billion liras.

The main metal industry was followed by companies that manufacture motor vehicles, trailers (trailers) and semi-trailers (semi-trailers) with 292.6 billion liras.

While the companies that entered the top 500 from the food department earned 220.1 billion liras from production, it was followed by “coke coal and refined petroleum products” enterprises with 207.05 billion liras, and companies engaged in the “manufacturing of chemicals and chemical works” with 135.2 billion liras. followed.


In the middle of the 500 largest companies, food companies provided the highest employment with 131,836 individuals. Thus, it was seen that 17.6 percent of the employment of 757 thousand 24 people provided by 500 large companies was met by food companies.

Among the departments that provide the highest employment, “manufacturing of motor vehicles, trailers (trailers) and semi-trailers (semi-trailer)” is the second with 111 thousand 823 individuals, “textile” is the third with 81 thousand 109, ” main metal industry” is the fourth with 69 thousand 823, “Manufacturing of electrical equipment” ranked fifth with 58,600.

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