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7-day ceasefire in Sudan begins tomorrow

According to the news in the Saudi Arabian official news agency SPA, in the joint statement published by Saudi Arabia and the USA, the 7-day ceasefire between the Sudanese army and the HDK was confirmed.

In the statement, it was noted that the ceasefire, which was reached during the direct talks between the parties to the conflict in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in order to end the conflicts in Sudan, will begin to be implemented on Monday, May 22, at 21:45 local time in Sudan.

It was stated in the statement that this short-term agreement, which was made under the supervision of Saudi Arabia and the USA, was signed by Sudan and NGO representatives, and it was informed that the ceasefire, which will be valid for 7 days after its entry into force, can be extended with the approval of the parties.


In the statement, it is stated that the Sudanese parties made a commitment not to pursue any military gains on the ground during the period before the ceasefire began. it was said.

In the statement, it was also stated that the talks in Jeddah will continue and the issue of improving security and humanitarian conditions for civilians is expected to be discussed in the next meetings.

The short-term ceasefire agreement, which aims to “deliver emergency humanitarian aid and provide basic services” to be implemented throughout Sudan, includes the parties’ compliance with the commitments made in the Jeddah Declaration regarding humanitarian obligations.

In the news that Al Jazeera television based on the sources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, it was stated that a one-week ceasefire was reached between the conflicting parties in Sudan.


The “Jeddah Declaration” agreement was signed on May 11 to stop the conflicts in Sudan, as a result of the negotiations between the parties that started on 6 May in the city of Jeddah to resolve the crisis in Sudan.

In the declaration, it was stated that the Sudanese army and the HDK would refrain from any attack that would harm civilians, and it was also emphasized that the interests of the Sudanese people were a priority for both sides.


Armed clashes broke out between the Sudanese army and the HDK on the morning of April 15 in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum and other cities, as a result of the long-standing differences of opinion between the parties.

The United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported that more than 843 thousand people were internally displaced due to the ongoing conflict in Sudan, and 259 thousand people moved to neighboring countries.

IOM predicted that 1.8 million people would be internally displaced if the conflict continued.

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