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670 thousand TL ‘social’ allowance for protected workplaces

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Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, announced that 670 thousand liras were transferred to sheltered workplaces for the disabled by the ministry last year.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Minister of Family and Social Services Derya Yanık said that they carry out a conservative employment model within the scope of their policies that support the participation of disabled citizens in social life as productive and independent individuals.

Minister Yanık, who noted that at least 40 percent of mentally or mentally handicapped individuals can work in sheltered workplaces with specially designed working environments, supported not only financially but also technically by the Ministry, and added that in order for the workplaces in question to be supported by the state, there are 5 floors. Stating that they should employ the disabled, he said, “Protective workplaces enable our mentally and mentally disabled citizens to be employed and to stay in long-term business life by focusing on their interests, abilities and skills in cooperation with the special department. The boss of the workplace, whose ratio is not less than 50 percent to the total number of personnel, can apply to our Family and Social Services Provincial Directorate in order to gain the status of a sheltered workplace. FOR EACH DISABLED EMPLOYEE TO SHREDDED WORKPLACES

Minister Yanık, as the Ministry, provided monthly 991.69 TL for each disabled employee to sheltered workplaces in 2021, for the first 6 months of 2022. Noting that they have increased this supplement to 1,298 TL, he said, “Last year, our Ministry transferred an allowance of 670 thousand TL to sheltered workplaces for our disabled people.

In addition, since 2016, whe n sheltered workplaces were established, we have relied on a total of 2 million 276 thousand TL for disabled individuals working in these workplaces.”

As it will be remembered, in sheltered workplaces; At least 40 percent of those with mental or spiritual mania can work, and at least 5 disabled people with the specified characteristics must work.

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