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6-year-old stashes of terrorists destroyed in Adıyaman

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In the operation against the PKK/KCK armed terrorist organization organized by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command in Adıyaman, many kilos of basic necessities materials were seized, as well as many Kalashnikov cartridges in the rural area of ​​Yazıbaşı.

ADIYAMAN (IGFA) – Under the coordination of the Adıyaman Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, groups affiliated with the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, which evaluated the intelligence within the scope of the investigations carried out against the PKK/KCK Armed Terrorist Organization, carried out a search and scanning activity in the rural area of ​​Yazıbaşı Village.

Weapons and ammunition, which were determined to be used by the PKK/KCK Terrorist Organization in the middle of 2016-2017, were found hidden in the middle of the rocks during the operation.

In the middle of the seizures, 1 AK-47 (Kalashnikov) brand long-barreled gun without serial number, 4 magazines for AK-47 (Kalashnikov) brand guns and 120 7.62X39 AK-47 (Kalashnikov) brand cartridges, 4 M With the -16 Magazine, there are cartridges for 91 5.56X45 mm M-16 guns; 18 large batteries, 5 balls of 100 meters in total, 500 meters in length electric cable, 350 kilograms of fertilizer, as well as the white item, which was priced as 350 kilograms of basic necessities, were found.

In the middle of the basic elements of need in the middle of the rocks, 60 kg of granulated sugar, 50 kg of bulgur, 40 kg of rice, 50 kg of cake, 10 liters of olive oil, 8 liters of sunflower oil, 10 kg of tea in a black bag, 6 kg of cream Chocolate, 12 kg of salt, 10 kg olives, 100 kg flour, 1 pot, 5 kg powder detergent, 50 instant soups, 2 empty 12 kg kitchen tubes, 5 200 liter jelly drums, 3 100 liter jelly drums, 1 coat were seized. .

Materials that did not qualify as evidence were destroyed by the order of the Public Prosecutor.

It has been learned that investigations into the PKK/KCK Armed Terrorist Organization, both in the countryside and in the center, will continue to deepen and increase.

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