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6.5 tons of tires were recycled in Manisa

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MASKİ General Directorate has recycled 6.5 tons of tires, which have completed their useful life in its vehicle fleet, to be used as fuel and coating material in order not to waste the environment.

MANİSA (IGFA) – General Directorate of Manisa Water and Sewerage Management (MASKİ) continues to contribute to the recycling project by not causing any harm to the environment, bringing them into the economy as fuel and coating material, within the scope of the “Regulation on the Inspection of End-of-Life Tires” of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. is doing.

The Department of Electrical Machinery and Material Supply has delivered the 6.5-ton tires from the construction equipment and vehicles to the company authorized by the relevant ministry.

Within the scope of the project implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, granule and powdered rubber raw materials obtained from tires that have expired are laid on walking paths, sports fields and the floors of children’s playgrounds.

Raw materials, which will also be used in urban landscape areas, tennis fields, artificial turf football fields, are converted into asphalt additives, rubber shoes and boots on highways.

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