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57th Turkish Pediatrics Congress to be held in Cyprus

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The 57th Turkish Pediatrics Congress, organized by the Turkish Association of Pediatrics, will take place in the TRNC in the middle of May 22-26, 2022.

ISTANBUL IGFA- Turkish Pediatrics Association, the oldest and most fundamental pediatric association in Turkey , is physically holding its 57th National Congress in TRNC on May 22 – 26, 2022. Heavy participation is expected in the congress, which will be held at Limak Deluxe Hotel and will last for 4 days.

Leader of the Turkish Pediatric Institution Prof. Dr. Haluk Çokuğraş said, “For years, we have held very successful congresses with a high number of participants. These congresses left unforgettable traces in the memory of us pediatricians, as events in which the innovations in the field of pediatricians were delivered to all pediatricians, but at the same time the friendships and connections between the doctors were strengthened. While we all continue to work in the negative conditions created by the pandemic for 2 years and continue to work for the health of our children under difficult conditions, unfortunately we have been away from physical congresses that will come to the middle and enrich our knowledge. We are very pleased to meet in Cyprus on 22-26 May 2022 after 2 years of absence.

The congress program, which will last for 4 days and which is expected to include nearly 2 thousand participants, is also very rich. In addition to the heavy scientific meetings that will continue in 7 different halls throughout the congress, the participants will also have the opportunity to attend Nutrition, Newborn, Heavy Care, Developmental Pediatrics, Allergy, Immunization and Pediatric Cardiology Courses.

The congress, which is enriched with informative heavy scientific programs and various courses, also includes a pleasant surprise. A “Story Contest” is held during the congress, which is open to the participation of all doctors and healthcare professionals. The subject of the story race, which aims to record what happened in the Coronavirus Pandemic, one of the biggest nightmares of humanity, in terms of healthcare workers, is Being a Doctor in Pandemic. All the stories that apply to the race, in which all doctors and healthcare professionals can participate with a maximum of two stories, will be published in a book by the Turkish Pediatrics Institution.

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