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50 million lira investment in Sakarya’s transportation fleet

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Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, which changed the face of the city with millions of TL investment in transportation, made a very valuable investment to strengthen the transportation fleet of the city.

SAKARYA (IGFA) – Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality produces new projects to strengthen the city’s transportation network and continues to make valuable investments. The Metropolitan, which has recently broken a record by climbing over 1 million tons of asphalt in a short time, has also carried out works to ease urban transportation all over the city.

Having opened 27 new driver teams, the Metropolitan introduced 18 municipal buses, 2 trucks and 1 grader purchased at the Democracy Square with an investment of 50 million TL.

President Ekrem Büyük said, “We have taken a valuable step to ensure the travel comfort of our citizens and to reach a more appropriate level in transportation, our aim in transportation is maximum satisfaction. be nice,” he said.

President Ulu stated that the vehicles produced by BMC have a passenger capacity of 103 passengers and the latest technology systems, and that these 12-meter-long vehicles will offer a comfortable and convenient transportation opportunity to the citizens.

Pointing out that Sakarya is a city that has made its name known to the world and continues its development, Lider Aziz said, “As you know, Sakarya is a city that has made its name known to the world and continues its development day by day . For this reason, our increasing population is in the fields of social areas, health, industry, housing and transportation. It is of increasing importance to meet the needs of each passing day. We continue our work at every point where there is a need for our citizens to live comfortably, comfortably and in peace, “he said.

Leader Şanlı, who stated that they got younger and stronger in the field of public transportation with our 2022 model 12-meter Procity (prositi) model buses, said, “The total cost of our buses is 47 million 250 thousand TL.”

Mayor Big pointed out that they have brought the latest model 18.5-tonne Grader of 3 million 100 thousand TL to our municipal fleet to be used in the works, and said, “Thus, we will make the production and repair of our roads faster. Currently, a total of 8 Graders and 42 dump trucks in our fleet. In our 2 vehicles, the superstructure was renovated, worth 500 thousand TL, and they were turned into capped dumpers for the transport of infrastructure and landslide stones. We will continue to work for our citizens in both infrastructure, superstructure and transportation for our Sakarya.”

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