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5 awards to Bursalı, the biggest towel exporter

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Bursalı, Turkey’s largest towel exporter, continues to raise the bar for success. The company received a total of 5 awards, 4 gold and 1 silver awards, in the International Business Awards (IBA) award program.

BURSA (IGFA) – Bursalı, Turkey’s largest towel exporter, has added a new one to its achievements in international platforms.

The company was deemed worthy of a total of 5 awards in the International Business Awards (IBA), one of the world’s leading award programs and known as the Oscars of the business world, with its ‘Bursalı’ and ‘Nuacotton’ brands.

Bursalı was awarded 2 gold awards in the ‘Company of the Year’ category, where the most successful companies of the year were selected, in the middle of organizations of his size, by getting the highest score from all the delegations. The firm was also named ‘The Most Competent Consumer Goods Company of the Year’ and ‘The Most Proper Residential Apparel, Pleasure and Fashion Company of the Year’. With these results, Bursalı became the most adequate residential apparel, pleasantness and fashion company of the year for 3 years in a row.

Bursalı Executive Council Leader Alper Bursalı said that they are happy and proud as they have added a new one to their success in international platforms.

Bursalı, who mentioned that they make a difference in their departments with their innovative works as the first and only R&D & Design Center company in Turkey, said, “We always improve ourselves for a sustainable success, follow the developing technology closely and develop our business processes in this direction. We continue on our way with the aim of producing high value-added products based on R&D and design.”

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