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4 out of 5 individuals in Istanbul say they need more taxis

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According to the research conducted by KONDA, 77 percent of Istanbul residents stated that they were not happy with the taxi service they received. Taxi prices are expensive, prices are not obvious beforehand, and security concerns are among the main reasons why Istanbulites do not use taxis.
Research firm KONDA conducted a research on taxis in Turkey and Istanbul. According to the study conducted by interviewing 2,260 people, 38 percent of Istanbul residents (approximately 5 million people) use taxis. Among those who prefer not to use a taxi, “expensiveness” stands out as the main reason. While 45 percent of Istanbul residents find taxi prices valuable, 19 percent say the prices are uncertain. On the other hand, 16 percent state that they prefer not to use a taxi due to security concerns.


4 out of 5 people in Istanbul state that more taxis are needed to optimize the taxi service. 9 out of 10 individuals think that the government should make new regulations for taxi services. 4 out of 5 individuals want all taxis to be connected to electronic taxi calling platforms.

Istanbulites believe that electronic taxi calling applications can improve the existing taxi service quality. 4 out of 5 individuals want all taxis to be connected to electronic taxi calling platforms. When asked about the reasons for using electronic taxi calling applications, 68 percent of Istanbul residents say that they use taxi electronic applications because they can see which route to take, 52 percent because they can know the estimated price to be paid in advance, and 46 percent because they can make automatic payments with a credit card. 41 percent of those who use electronic taxi calling applications in Istanbul consider the ability to evaluate taxi drivers and again 41 percent see the ability to convey their complaints to the application as the main benefits of taxi applications.

KONDA Research and Consultancy Board Member Bekir Ağırdır commented on the results of the research, “Turkey is rapidly becoming a metropolis. Technological leaps change daily practices as well as the change of location brought about by metropolitanization. The most important problem of metropolises is transportation. Access analysis and investments to the face of spatial change are not enough. The rate of taxi users has reached 24 percent in Turkey and 38 percent in Istanbul, which means that approximately 5 million people use taxis for transportation in Istanbul. The most adequate solution can be to focus on the opportunity areas that will be opened by the new business and service models brought by the technological leap, as well as the entrepreneurship and innovation, without leaving the analysis of the transportation issue only to the authorities of the public and local authorities.


Neyran Bahadırlı, General Manager of Uber in Turkey, said the following regarding these results:

“Uber operates in Turkey only with yellow, turquoise and black taxi services. For this reason, we always research how and how Uber can contribute to the taxi industry, especially in Istanbul, and try to develop new projects. Uber wants to work in collaboration with all taxi stakeholders on this issue. According to the results of the research, the reasons for dissatisfaction with taxi services can be solved with electronic taxi calling applications. For example, the passenger can see the hypothetical taxi price on the application, follow the travel route without the application and share it instantly with the person he wants, if he has any complaints, he can reach the 24/7 Uber support team, and both the passenger and the taxi driver can score each other.

Looking around the world, Uber has a goal to include all taxis in the world by 2025. It has signed agreements with the largest taxi operators in the cities of New York and San Francisco, Hong Kong and Italy in the USA. We wish to be a technological partner that also benefits the taxi division in Turkey. The total number of downloads of the Uber application in Turkey has reached 5.3 million. The platform was used by 25,000 taxi drivers in Turkey, mostly in Istanbul, throughout 2021, and Uber users opened the app to call a taxi 9.2 million times. In 2022, we see that the usage is increasing even more rapidly,” he said.

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