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36,000 healthcare workers in Uganda decided to strike

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Health Professionals Associations Alliance Leader Patrick Denis Alibu stated that they gave the government 21 days before the strike, but they decided to start the mission because they could not get any response.

Drawing attention to the high cost of living in the country in addition to the demand for a salary increase, Alibu stated that they demanded the government to reduce the tax on salaries from 30 percent to 10 percent.

Stating that approximately 36 thousand health workers affiliated to the Alliance of Allied Health Professionals Associations decided to strike to protest poor working conditions and low salaries, Alibu noted that they will continue their strike until they meet with Ugandan State Leader Yoweri Museveni.

The Alliance stated that an increase was made to the physicians, but the salaries of the other healthcare workers were not increased despite the word being given.

Ugandan Ministry of Health Spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyona said on a radio show he attended on Sunday, that the Ministry had not received any official complaints from the alliance.

Ugandan physicians had gone on strike before, and the government increased the salaries of physicians after the strike.

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