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35 percent increase in sexual and reproductive health products: ‘We have neither birth control pills nor condoms for 3 months’

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The prices of sexual and reproductive health products, condoms and birth control pills have increased. Condoms sold in packs of 10 vary between 50 lira and 100 lira. Birth control pills are sold for 70-80 liras. The prices of the “morning after pills” are in the middle between 150 liras and 180 liras. These works have increased by about 35 percent since the beginning of 2022.

Ankara Medical Chamber Administrative Council Member and Member of the Women’s Health Committee, Sezin Dik, said the following about the value of condom use and sexual health:

“CONSERVATIVE USE IS VERY VALUABLE FOR CONTRACTING ADMINISTRATION, SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS: “Condom use is very valuable for contraception, sexually transmitted infections. HIV and HPV are two infections that are increasing significantly in Turkey and can be prevented; Condoms have a very active use in preventing them. HPV is very valuable for the health of the woman; It causes many diseases from genital warts to pelvic cancer. The use of condoms has a very valuable place in preventing cancer. In terms of access to these, we have a very high access restriction because their prices are very high. In Turkey’s past, the fact that they were free was a matter of speech. In both male and female sexual intercourse, both parties can infect each other. Condom will be protective from sexually transmitted infections in this regard. If we talk about HPV, the probability of penile cancer in men is very low compared to women.

HPV VACCINES ARE GIVEN 3 DOSES; THE PRICE OF THE QUALITY VACCINES IN PHARMACIES IS CURRENTLY 750-800 TL: “Access to HPV vaccines and their prices are also very valuable, these vaccines have arrived in our country as 2, 4 and 9 doses. HPV vaccines are given in 3 doses. 4′ The price of vaccines in pharmacies is currently around 750-800 liras, which is a very high price if we consider that 3 doses are paid. It is a vaccination that must be paid within the scope of SSI and added to the national vaccination calendar. It is a vaccination that should be done in childhood, even before sexual intercourse. Europe It has been added to the national vaccination calendar in Turkey, but Turkey is a late country in this regard.

BIRTH CONTROL PILLS ARE ALSO VERY HIGH PRICED LIKE CONDOMS: Intrauterine device or devices placed inside the uterus, which we call miran, are active tools to prevent pregnancy, but they do not protect men or women from sexually diseases, condoms do. Birth control pills are also very expensive, just like condoms. Even abortions are not performed in many public hospitals; referred to private hospitals. Abortion prices are very high around here, almost as much as a minimum price. It is very difficult for individuals to reach and compete with them in Turkey.

A COMPREHENSIVE SEXUAL EDUCATION IS NEEDED IN SECONDARY SCHOOL AGES: Unwanted pregnancies are caused by the lack of public awareness of contraception because sexuality is a taboo for our people. Situations arise where I realize that she doesn’t know what to do to prevent pregnancy. For this, a comprehensive sexuality education should be given in secondary school ages. Our sex education was only about pads. It was like, “Yes, you will have your period, you will see it every month and you will use these pads”, other than that, we did not receive any training.

BIRTH CONTROL PILLS ARE NOT JUST FOR PREVENTION OF PREGNANCY: Retroactive arguments have been filed for HPV, there are precedent cases, and by showing them as an example, individuals can get back the price of the HPV vaccines they have paid with interest. What we really want is for the HPV vaccine to be included in the national vaccination calendar and covered by the SSI. Birth control pills are used not only to prevent pregnancy but also for therapeutic purposes. There are therapeutic conditions that are also used in cases such as ovarian cyst, menstrual pain, menstrual irregularity, so we come across problems regarding both treatment and reproductive health because of their high price.

CISU Platform Spokesperson, Young Approaches to Health Association (SGYD) Development Program Coordinator Beste Acavit said, “There are some valuable points for the protection of sexual health. these; sexuality when individuals feel physically and mentally ready. Access to vaccines for sexually transmitted infections, information on sexual and reproductive health, tools, services, and contraceptive formulas if pregnancy is not desired. If desired, access to the relevant health services so that she can continue the pregnancy in a healthy way,” he said.

Acavit said:

CONCEPTIONAL CONTRACTORS MUST BE PROVIDED AT ASM: “When we look at the law numbered 2827 on population planning, the fact that contraceptive formulas are free and easily accessible in Turkey is defined as a right that the state should provide.” This information needs to be disseminated, as individuals do not know, for example, that they can buy condoms in FHCs. At the same time, the lack of modern methods in FHCs are reported by those who demand it. This is defined as a right, but there are burdens on access.”

EVERYONE MUST HAVE FULLY, EQUAL AND FREE ACCESS TO FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS: “Access to sexual health services, information and education on this issue, pre- and post-natal care, including induced abortion, all modern contraceptive services, must be provided by the state. Comprehensive, inexpensive and residential It is in the middle of the state’s obligations to provide access to sexual health services that are accessible, respectful to privacy and user-friendly, and programs that provide the highest quality possible. “It seems valuable that the requested rights should be discussed over and over again.”


Ebru Basa, Member of the Public Health Board of the Ankara Medical Chamber, also said the following in her written statement:

MATERIALS AND FAMILY PLANNING CENTERS WERE CLOSED WITH THE HEALTH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM: “With the Health Transformation Program, Mother and Child Health and Family Planning Centers were closed, the general directorate was closed. Related studies were transferred to Family Health Centers (FHC) and Community Health Centers with the advent of this system. “This also meant that services that provide direct reproductive health were shut down. This directly means that access to both birth control systems and abortion services has become more difficult.”

THE PRIVACY NEEDED BY WOMEN CANNOT BE CARED TOO MUCH: “FHCs that provide primary health care do not have standard buildings, nor do they all provide service in public buildings. Being able to serve as a FHC means that the sexual health services required by women There are FHCs that provide services in buildings with an architectural style that cannot be given much attention to the privacy needed by women, since the locations of these centers do not have standard structures. It also made it easier to access.”

WE HAVE NO BIRTH CONTROL PILL AND CONDOM FOR 3 MONTHS: “We are experiencing the burden of accessing and distributing family planning materials in primary care these days. We have neither birth control pills nor condoms for 3 months, only one intrauterine device has been distributed However, it is easy to consume.” There is a significant shortage in terms of access to family planning formulas that are more accessible and more accessible. We cannot respond positively to women who apply to us. This does not mean that the demand for birth control has decreased; these women have to turn to secondary health care institutions when they have trouble accessing them.”

WHAT IS PRICED WHEN THE DOCTOR DOES NOT PRODUCE A SERVICE THAT PRODUCES PREGNANCY IS NOT CONSIDERED BY WORK: “How should the need be met? First of all, it should be mentioned that not encouraging reproduction is not counted as a performance. There is no random criterion for birth control services. When the doctor does not produce a service that supposedly encourages pregnancy, what is priced is not considered a job.”

IT IS NEEDED TO DEVELOP AN APPROACH centered on WOMEN’s health: “Reproductive health services can still be provided in a qualified form under the conditions in which primary health care services are provided in a qualified manner. Instead of applying at least 3 children to 5 children or encouraging these policies, to develop an approach centered on women’s health first. Even if we address this under the heading of women’s health, we make a mistake in associating the control of fertility with women only, that is, it has a shortcoming to exclude men from the area of ​​responsiveness.”

HEALTHIER TO CONDUCT THE DISCUSSION WITH THE TITLE OF SEXUAL HEALTH SERVICES: “It is healthier for both women and men to carry out the discussion under the heading of sexual health services. To provide a more inclusive health service that enables follow-up, it is possible to access reproductive health and family planning procedures in primary care, especially in FHCs. The main criteria will be to provide a standard, homogeneous and qualified service, to eliminate the shortage of equipment as soon as possible, to ensure the establishment of ASM in public buildings.”

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